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During the course of the 13th International Public Communication of Science & Technology (PCST) Conference held in Salvador, Brazil, from the 5-8th May, 2014, it became clear to the few African delegates in attendance that there was a driving imperative to address the challenges of public communication of science and technology on the African continent. In addition, the realisation of the need to enhance the capacity, visibility and collaborative partnerships among African practitioners was demonstrated by the highly visible and systematic good practice of the Latin American and Caribbean – Science Communication Network, known as RED-POP, which was formed with the strategic and sustained support of UNESCO Latin America & the Caribbean Region. The rationale for this development was further informed by the poor legacy of the PCST-2002 Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa, in delivering the leadership and framework for the aspirations and expectations of a post-event pan-African network of practitioners.

African Gong was thus, conceptualised and formed with the strategic support of UNESCO Africa region, based on the good practice model of RED-POP.

Below is a list of the founding Steering Group Committee members of African Gong, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 2014: