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Dr Rasekoala attended the Mozambique National Science Fair ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Scientist Programme’, 17-19 October 2016, Matola City, Mozambique, as Plenary Panel Speaker. She delivered the presentation, entitled, 'African Gong: Africa's Strategic Network for the Advancement of Science Communication', in which she also emphasised the commitment of African Gong to operate and deliver within the inclusive context of language diversity, across the three main working languages on the continent - English, French and Portuguese, and Indigenous African languages. Here is a link to Dr Rasekoala's presentation.


Mr. Joao Cossa has also prepared two reports, in Portuguese, on this event:


Sitting Far Left is the Hon. Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal

The Hon. Minister of Science, Technology, Higher and Technical Vocational Education of Mozambique addressing delegates