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Strategic Framework

In developing African Gong, we envision a network that is multi-disciplinary, inclusive, interactive and multi-level in its membership, constituencies and partnerships, for the purpose of the exchange of information, regional and continental co-operation, including the African Diaspora. Other critical delivery parameters for the network include training, capacity-building, resource mobilisation, development and sharing of good practice in science communication and the popularization of science and technology, on the African continent. A critical component of this inclusive landscape is the commitment of African Gong to Language Diversity and thus, to work towards operating and delivering across the three-main sub-Saharan African working Languages of English, French and Portuguese, and also, Indigenous African Languages.

Our key goal is to encourage the creation, dissemination and utilisation of science and technology for addressing pressing developmental needs on the African continent in a sustainable manner. A pivotal role is envisaged for the harnessing of the Indigenous knowledge and participatory capacity of Africa’s scientists and communicators, to enhance social inclusion, as well as cultural and political engagement. This network will also engender opportunities for international research collaborations, projects and networking in various international fora and conferences.

African Gong has envisioned a pivotal objective for its activities as that of closing the profound ‘knowledge gaps’ that exist at multi-stakeholder levels on the continent (local communities, social scientists, indigenous knowledge systems), multilevel capabilities and transnational dialogues. A distinct hallmark of this transformed landscape in science communication should be the synthesis and delivery of scientific and other knowledge in dynamic and empowering multi-stakeholder partnerships, which reduce the ‘knowledge gaps’ at the individual, community, policy, institution and government levels and at socio-economic (race, gender, social class) levels and reduce the knowledge gap in legislation and implementation.


Framing the Science Communication & PLUS Agenda in Africa

African Gong is ambitious in aiming to achieve a re-imagined and re-fashioned landscape of transformative science communication and the public learning and understanding of science (PLUS) for sustainable development in Africa. Key parameters of the hallmarks of this innovative landscape include the following: